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We need GM's with experience ,so if ur the 1 we are looking for ,go to the application post!
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everyone who starts playing got to post at the forum that he is new ,then he get a free item (6) whatever he wants.
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    Crappy0213/marco1lim GM Application


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    Crappy0213/marco1lim GM Application Empty Crappy0213/marco1lim GM Application

    Post  marco1lim on Sat Feb 19, 2011 7:34 am

    1-Full Name:Marco Lim

    2-Real Age:13 but 14 on April 19

    3-Where Are You From:Philippines

    4-Which Position Would You Like:as a GM

    5-Why Did You Chose This Position:Well, i know this is a new server and i know this server will need GMs to keep our players and the game safe and i believe i am one of those kinds of GMs because

    6-Are You Active:YES ,weekends half a day,weekdays 5 hours MAXED

    7-Have You Played Rose Online Before:Yes i have,i have played alot of servers

    8-Tell Us More About You:i am a fun person to be with.you can about anything with me i can relate Maybe hehehe Laughing ,have a long temper , have been GM on 3 servers,co admin one time =),VIP lots of times(non donating VIP)

    9-What is your name in-game:Crappy0213(i dunno how i got it if your wondering why my char's name is like that but i like it Laughing )

    (ADDITIONAL)10-What is a GM to you:a GM to me is like a normal player but just with a special role in-game,has some kind of powers,some people fear them cause some GM tend to ban for no reason but some use GM power for fun,some use it to serve,they were accepted to help players,control or maintain balance in game for admins when they not around ,they have many roles in game.

    11-Commands???:i know most of the gm commands like /go,/item,/set,/give,/give2,/givezuly,/tele,/ann,/level,/class,/mon,/exp,/move,/goto,/kick,/givefairy,/ban,/summon thats most that i know i have more to memorize but the rest are for admins and devs what i mostly memorize are for GMs =))

    i don't really like the job but im just trying to apply but if i get accepted i will give my best to help this server and make this the #1 ROSE Online private server and if i don't its ok =)

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