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We need GM's with experience ,so if ur the 1 we are looking for ,go to the application post!
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everyone who starts playing got to post at the forum that he is new ,then he get a free item (6) whatever he wants.
Admins of the game are :[MOD]Google ----- [MOD]Wubbeke

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    Hey :) Akhy's Introduction!!


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    Hey :)  Akhy's Introduction!! Empty Hey :) Akhy's Introduction!!

    Post  Akhy on Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:25 am

    Hey there, im Meneses, 15 years of age (: i was just looking around for some severs to drop by and "Wicked Rose" caught my eye, so i decided to bump in here and check a little bit out of the server/community. im about to download the client though, hopefully i'll meet new friends right away ingame. i'll think about my IGN as Akhy or akhz0r, anwyays, see you ingame!

    PS: bah, looks like Akhy needs more voting before he's allowed to get ingame Razz


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