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We need GM's with experience ,so if ur the 1 we are looking for ,go to the application post!
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everyone who starts playing got to post at the forum that he is new ,then he get a free item (6) whatever he wants.
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    Shiro016 GM application :)


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    Shiro016 GM application :) Empty Shiro016 GM application :)

    Post  shiro016 on Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:11 am

    1-Full Name:Alexander Carcellar
    2-Real Age:15
    3-Where Are You From:GMT+8 philipines
    4-Which Position Would You Like:GameMaster
    5-Why Did You Chose This Position:The thought of being a GM came naturally to me. I im integrated into the community and i am always helpful whenever I am avaiable. I am interested in helping the community by fixing bugs in the server, hosting events for the players, and answering any questions thrown at me. I believe I can help the community more and help the server through work and dedication by my time I would share. Being a GM is much more than having fun but a necessary tool to the stability of the server.
    6-Are You Active:yea Im very Active
    -Playing Hours : 5 - 6 hours max
    7-Have You Played Rose Online Before::I have played on the following rose online servers

    Arua Rose
    Pimpin Rose
    DarkCore Rose
    Infinty Rose

    8-Tell Us More About You:im not Cute Hahaha
    9-What is your name in-game:Shiro016

    And Also i know some GM command like :/tele [map] [x] [y] - teleport
    /b - broadcast
    /save - save character data
    /reload - reload config.ini
    /ann [msg] - announcement
    /SSPAWN [monid] [min] [max] - startspawn
    /SET - setspawnlocation
    /ESPAWN [monid] [aggressive] - endspawn
    /DSPAWN [id] [monid] [min] [max] [respawn time] [aggressive]- dupespawn
    /DELETESPAWN [id] - delete spawn by id
    /pak - read packet.txt and send it
    /pak2 - read packet2.txt and send it
    /level [lvl] - change lvl
    /class [id] - change your class, must relog after
    /info - show info
    /cfmode - /cfmode 0 = clan wars off, /cfmode 1= clan wars on
    /pdmg - [damage rate] example 200 thats 2x the normal damage
    /mdmg - [damage rate] example 200 thats 2x the normal monster
    /exp [amt] - give yourself exp
    /mon [monid] [count] - spawn monsters
    /kick [charname] - kick player from game
    /job [jobname] - finish first job quest
    /set [id] [refine] - set full armor to [id] with [refine]
    /cha [slotname] [id] [stats] - cha slot to [id] with [stats]
    /item [id] [type] [amt] [ref] [socket] [stats] - get item
    /levelup - go to next level
    /drop [type] [id] - drop an item
    /givezuly [charname] [amt] - give someone zuly
    /npc [id] - spawn an npc
    /givefairy [charname] [flag] - give/remove fairy (1/0)
    /move [charname] [map] [x] [y] - tele someone
    /goto [charname] - goto someone
    /teletome [charname] - bring someone here
    /playerinfo [charname] - get player infor
    /give2 [charname] [id] [type] [amt] - give someone item(s)
    /ban [charname] - ban a player
    /ani [id] - do animation
    /summon [monid] - summon monstor (to help you)
    /reloadquest - reload quest info
    /shutdown [minutes] - shutdown server in x minutes
    /dquest - debug quests
    /iquest [id] <amt> - get items for quest (i think)

    Thx you Very Happy

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