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We need GM's with experience ,so if ur the 1 we are looking for ,go to the application post!
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    Eneath's GM Application


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    Eneath's GM Application Empty Eneath's GM Application

    Post  Eneath on Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:25 pm

    Hi, I'm Andrew Babcock, a ninteen-year-old high school graduate from Indiana of the United States of America.
    I would like to have the position as a GM, Mini GM or even a Trial GM.
    I'm very active when it my favorite games, like Rush On Seven Episodes which I've been playing ever since I was twelve.
    Currently my hobbies are voice acting, recording videos, animating and watching over games that I stand as a GM for, for several hours at a time.
    I used to be a forum moderator for the escapethefate.net forums under the name of Under The Ashes, and I've had experience being a Hidden (Mini) GM for ROSE Pwnline, and also as a GM for CatGunZ.
    I often come up with ideas for custom events, clothing, hair and eyes of which I draw and keep in a notebook nearby.
    Rush On Seven Episodes is my most favorite game and has been ever since the moment I started playing.
    My name in-game is Eneath for this server, but for Pwnline it's Zark.

    Well I'm not too sure what else to say but if you have any questions just ask away and I'll answer. *thumbs up*

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