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We need GM's with experience ,so if ur the 1 we are looking for ,go to the application post!
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everyone who starts playing got to post at the forum that he is new ,then he get a free item (6) whatever he wants.
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    Akhy's Application :]


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    Akhy's Application :] Empty Akhy's Application :]

    Post  Akhy on Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:56 am

    Full name: Meneses T. Dueñas
    Real age: 15 years old
    Where are you from: I'm from The Philippines (more like my paradise)
    Which position would you like: I would look to have the opportunity to be the Forum Moderator in WickedROSE. Smile
    Why did you chose this position: I chose this position because im more like a forum-guy and im very active on forums, im fund of reading and helping people with their questions, also i can guide them through both ingame and forums. If i wont be hired, i'll still be that helpful forum-guy. Wink I also want to keep the forums clean and to get rid of dramas.
    Are you active: I havent gone through the game cause i haven't yet been given the link for the client. but as stated above, im very active on forums. :]
    Have you played rose online before: I have been playing ROSE for 3 years now.
    Tell us more about you: I'm a boy, studying in an English school in Philippines. and im pretty sure we'll be friends right away. ;D
    What is your name in-game: I dont have one yet.

    ~ I appreciate all your efort for reading my app, thank you very much ♥️ i'll try my best and to make the forums peacefully and organized even though its a SMALL forum.

    ~ i've also experienced Forum Moderating in some other server (closed now).

    ~ and last i was previously a GM in DawnROSE and ArumicROSE which are also closed now.


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